• Title: Ral Donner... You Don't Know What You've Got
  • Music Genre: 50s Rock 'n Roll / Pop
  • Format: Vinyl LPs
  • Price:£15.00


A great Elvis soundalike. UK Pye issue. His version of 'Girl of my best friend' was a big local hit in New York. The title track was a minor hit for him in the UK. Condition is ex/ex.

  • You don't know what you've got
  • Please don't go
  • Girl of my best friend
  • School of heartbreakers
  • She's everything
  • [What a sad way] To love someone
  • Loveless life
  • Bells of love
  • She's my baby
  • Your skes of blue
  • For love nor money
  • Pray for me
  • Will you love me in heaven
  • Night owl
  • Standing here
  • Puddle of tears
  • Nine times out of ten
  • I didn't figure on him
  • So close to heaven

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