• Title: Nana Mouskouri... Nana's Choice
  • Music Genre: M.O.R
  • Format: Vinyl LPs
  • Price:£14.99


This LP is in mint conditon. It came from a very well looked after collection. UK Fontana stereo 6852001. Please note that there is a light reflection on the photo.

  • I love my man
  • Ballinderrie
  • I gave my love a cherry
  • He don't know
  • Tiny sparrow
  • My kind of man
  • Vassilepes asteri mou [You are my sunshine]
  • Issoun Kalos [You were sweet & kind]
  • Sto parathiri stelossoun [I can see only you]
  • Pou petaxe t'agori mou [Where has my little boy run away]
  • Kapou iparhi agapi mou [My love is somewhere]
  • Tapedia ton Pirea [Never on Sunday]

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